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The Committee on Molecular Metabolism and Nutrition

The Committee on Molecular Metabolism and Nutrition (CMMN) is a dynamic and interactive research unit of the University of Chicago, offering interdisciplinary doctoral training in the molecular basis of biological processes as they relate to metabolic homeostasis, nutritional status and human disease


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Welcome from the Chair, Dr. Matthew Brady

Thank you for taking a look at the Committee on Molecular Metabolism & Nutrition (CMMN). This is a dynamic and energetic graduate student program – where the faculty are conducting cutting edge research related to metabolism and disease. This is a rather unique program, one of the few in United States, focused on metabolism and metabolic diseases such as Diabetes, Obesity, Sleep Disorders, Crohn’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease etc. So if you are interested in entering graduate school and intrigued about state of the art metabolic research, then the CMMN at the University of Chicago is something to seriously consider.

The CMMN is a stimulating platform for a motivated graduate student to gain a wealth of experience and expertise in biological sciences and research at the University of Chicago, where metabolic research has flourished for over a hundred years.

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Matthew J. Brady, PhD

Associate Professor of Medicine
of Committee on Cancer Biology
of Committee on Molecular Medicine