Francis J. Alenghat

Assistant Professor
Research Summary
Dr. Alenghat's laboratory focuses on macrophage biology and the inflammatory component of atherosclerosis. His clinical interests and academic pursuits lie within the fields of cardiovascular physiology and pathophysiology, with a special focus on vascular biology and inflammatory pathways in atherosclerosis. He also has experience in integrin biology, mechanotransduction, and extracellular matrix biology. He seeks to discover basic mechanisms of physiology and pathophysiology that govern cardiovascular health and disease. One of the laboratory’s main projects is to elucidate how a signaling pathway that is activated downstream of integrins in macrophages governs atherogenesis and macrophage polarization. His laboratory has expertise in mouse husbandry, tissue sample preparation, immunohistochemistry, and quantitative confocal microscopy. He is highly motivated to mentor future physicians and scientists in an overarching aim to promote health by understanding and reducing cardiovascular disease.
Atherosclerosis, Coronary, Macrophages, Bone Marrow-Derived, Macrophages, Monocyte-Derived, Inflammation Mediators
  • Harvard College, S.B. Engineering
  • Harvard Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, Ph.D. Biophysics
  • Harvard Medical School, M.D. Medicine
  • Brigham & Women's Hospital, Internal Medicine
  • Brigham & Women's Hospital, Cardiovascular Medicine
Biosciences Graduate Program Association
Awards & Honors
  • 1994 - Detur Prize Harvard College
  • 1996 - Phi Beta Kappa Harvard College
  • 1997 - Tau Beta Pi for Excellence in Engineering Harvard College
  • 1999 - Howard Hughes Predoctoral Fellowship Howard Hughes Medical Institute
  • 2005 - James Tolbert Shipley Prize Harvard Medical School
  • 2009 - Laennec Young Clinician Award Finalist American Heart Association
  • 2010 - Future Leaders in CV Medical Research Award Leadership Council for Improving Cardiovascular Care
  • 2011 - AHA/ATVB Travel Award for Young Investigators American Heart Association
  • 2012 - Thomas W. Smith Fellowship Brigham & Women's Hospital
  • 2013 - William F. Keating Award for Hypertension & Peripheral Vascular Disease American College of Cardiology
  • 2015 - ATVB Young Investigator Travel Award Council on Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology
  • 2017 - Fellow of the American College of Cardiology (FACC) American College of Cardiology
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