James Lopez
The Role Of ERM Proteins In Beta Cell Biology , 2010
Advisor: Louis Philipson
Current Position: Manager, Life Science Applications Group, Olympus Corporation of the Americas
Delia Lozano Porras
T Cell-Specific NFB Is Necessary for Islet Allograft Rejection, 2011
Advisor: Marie-Luisa Alegre
Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Microbiology and Immunology, University of Illinois at Chicago
Katie Markan-Klostermann
A Central Role for Glycogen in Adipocyte Metabolism Mediated by the Targeting Subunit Protein Targeting to Glycogen, 2010
Advisor: Matthew Brady
Current Position: Research Assistant Professor, Pharmacology, FOE Diabetes Research Center, Carver College of Medicine, University of Iowa
Stefani Nalle
Use of Zebrafish for In Vivo Analysis of Insulin Gene Mutations that Cause Human Neonatal Diabetes, 2011
Advisor: Louis Philipson & Vicky Prince
Current Position: Associate Director, Research and Technical Operations Project Management, Astellas Gene Therapies
Caitlin Orr
Analysis of Tissue Specific Enhancer Elements in the Pancreatic Alpha Cell, 2015
Advisor: Barton Wicksteed
Noelle Patno
Microbially-Regulated Intestinal Epithelial HMGB1: Stress, Cellular Energy Production and Survival, 2017
Advisor: Eugene Chang
Current Position: Nutrition Scientist, Digestive Metagenics
Kittiporn Phanvijhitsir
Molecular Mechanisms Of Glutamine Modulation of HSP25 Expression, 2005
Advisor: Eugene Chang
Current Position: Nutrition and Health Manager at Unilever, Thailand
Rashi Rangaraj
Role of Chronotype in Type 2 Diabetes Risk, 2017
Advisor: Kristen Knutson
Shane Regnier
Dietary and Developmental Exposure to the Fungicide Tolylfluanid Disrupts Global Energy Metabolism in Mice, 2015
Advisor: Robert Sargis
Current Position: Resident Physician, Scripps Mercy Hospital
Erica Reschly
The Role of Apolipoprotein A-I Alpha Helices 7 and 8 In Determining High Density Lipoprotein Subclass Distribution, 2001
Advisor: Godfrey Getz
Current Position: Psychiatrist, University of Iowa Hospitals